C.J. Lazaretti is a film and video editor based in Glasgow, UK.

C.J.'s headshot

He's a professional film and video editor.

He's edited a documentary with Tilda Swinton.

He's edited four award-winning short films.

He's been nominated for two Best Editing awards.

He's half-Italian.

He's one-hundred percent film geek.


His clients can tell you more:

"C.J. is a certified master of the art!"
—Jeff Kennedy, Director, Heavy Flow

"C.J. always looks at the big picture. His editing is impeccable, and reflects a deep understanding of the needs of a film project, from conception to release."
—John Perivolaris, Director, Random Clock Films

"C.J. has a terrific sense of rhythm. He gives films a smooth, easy flow. Highly recommended."
—Michela Ferrara, Creative Director, NICOLA Arts

"I'm impressed by C.J.'s excellent technical skills, his capacity to bounce ideas back and forth and his ability, and reliability, to deliver on a fast-turnaround basis."
—Andy Kimpton-Nye, Producer/Director, 400 Blows Productions

"C.J. is a very competent film editor. Not only is he dexterous, professional, and has an attention to detail, he is also a pleasure to work with, open minded, loyal, willing to learn and always meets his objectives. I would have no doubts about recommending C.J. for any project."
—Paul Herbert, Director, The Flight of Iro and Casper



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