Glasgow has now got its own taste of iconophagic indulgence: C.J. Lazaretti's controversial animation Cosmico had its Scottish premiere at Café Flicker, one of the most renowned monthly independent short film nights in the local scene, on August 6th, 2015.

Curated from submitted short films with a running time of 15 minutes or less, Café Flicker is one of many initiatives offered by the Glasgow Media Access Centre (GMAC). Since 1982 GMAC has offered events, workshops and affordable equipment and facilities rental to independent filmmakers. A registered charity, the Centre has established itself as an industry hub for young and independent filmmakers in Glasgow.

The monthly screenings of Café Flicker are hosted by veteran assistant director Hans Lucas (Ill Manors). An experienced filmmaker, Lucas also runs the Blueprint project, a collaboration with the Glasgow Short Film Festival to promote short films under 30 minutes.

"Café Flicker offers a casual atmosphere where audiences and professionals can mingle over unusual and daring short movies," says C.J. Lazaretti, who moved to Glasgow shortly before Cosmico was accepted for the screening. "Film events that prioritise fresh ideas over high-budget commercial cinema are invaluable resources for filmmakers. I'm delighted to have screened my directorial debut at their August screening, and in excellent company, too."

The event's programme featured a diverse mix of documentary, comedy and drama. Highlights included Sally Rylett's Clowning Around, a subtle study of ambition gone awry among circus performers, and Graeme Cassels' Bruar, a gripping cautionary tale about an amphibian at the end of his tether.

Hamish Graham, co-producer of Cosmico, grew up in the Glasgow area. Sadly the Scottish-born filmmaker couldn't make it to the screening, being busy promoting his documentary Jade in London. Other filmmakers in attendance included John Perivolaris of Random Clock Films and producer Ryan Pasi (Kirstie & Phil's Love It or List It).

"Cosmico had a brilliant reception at Café Flicker," says Lazaretti. "I'm particularly happy with the interest we had during the Q&A session. After screenings at six international festivals, the one constant I've noticed about the film is that it attracts wildly different interpretations, and I have a lot of fun talking to audiences about them after screenings."


Selected photos from Café Flicker

Short film "Cosmico" had its Scottish premiere at celebrated Glasgow film night Café Flicker (photo: John Perivolaris) Café Flicker host Hans Lucas interviews C.J. Lazaretti about his short film "Cosmico" (photo: John Perivolaris) On the spot: C.J. Lazaretti recounts his experiences of screening "Cosmico" in the European festival circuit (photo: John Perivolaris)


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