Animated short film Cosmico had its world premiere at the 30th Hamburg International Short Film Festival on June 4th, 2014. Director C.J. Lazaretti and producer Hamish Graham attended the sold-out event, where the short was nominated for a €1,000 audience choice award.

Cosmico had three screenings as part of the Flotter Dreier competition, one of the most popular programmes of the festival, open to international short films with an approximate duration of three minutes or less. Each screening took place at a different Hamburg venue: celebrated indy screen Lichtmeß, owned and operated by filmmakers; state-of-the art multiplex Zeise; and an open-air late-night screening at FestivalZentrum, the entertainment complex at the heart of the event.

Every annual edition of the Flotter Dreier competition (roughly translated as "ménage à trois", and also known as the Three-Minute Quickie competition) features a theme. For 2014, it was "doping". Cosmico's rather allegorical interpretation of the theme found favour with the Hamburg International Short Film Festival's selection committee, earning it a place among the 28 entries nominated for the award, out of more than 200 submissions.

"The Hamburg International Short Film Festival is one of the most established events promoting short films in the world," says Lazaretti. "I could hardly think of a more prestigious and welcoming event in which to hold a short film world premiere. To have been accepted for a screening is in itself an honour, especially for a directorial debut. To be nominated for an award, then, is more than I could hope for."

Cosmico has been awarded a travel grant from British Council Film's Shorts Support Scheme in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI). The scheme rewards selected UK-made short films with industry screenings, exposure to talent agents and other opportunities.

As the creator of a potentially controversial film that casts a tongue-in-cheek glance at major world faiths, C.J. Lazaretti is quick to point out the importance of the support from major bodies like the Kurz Film Agentur Hamburg and the British Council.

"Mixing humour and religion is no easy feat in these days of easy outrage and politically correct excess," says the editor-turned-director. "Their support is not only fully appreciated, but much needed. To have such established international organisations take chances with the films they promote is an unparalleled blessing to filmmakers and audiences alike."


Selected photos from the 2014 Hamburg IKFF

C.J. Lazaretti introduces the world premiere of Cosmico at Hamburg cinema Lichtmeß (photo: Katrin Rudolph) This way, mein Damen und Herren: C.J. Lazaretti and Hamish Graham at Lichtmeß (photo: Katrin Rudolph) Left to right: Flotter Dreier presenter Jim Lacy, Midsch Thiele, Lichtmeß owner Carsten Knoop, Hamish Graham, Katrin Rudolph, C.J. Lazaretti (photo: Katrin Rudolph) "Today: threesome/doping" (photo: Xenia Zarafu/KurzFilm Agentur) Sold out: the Flotter Dreier competition screening at Lichtmeß where Cosmico had its world premiere (photo: Xenia Zarafu/KurzFilm Agentur) KurzFilm Agentur marketing director Michael Schwarz and presenter Jim Lacy introduce the Flotter Dreier competition screening at Lichtmeß (photo: Xenia Zarafu/KurzFilm Agentur) Pop-up venue Open Air Kino hosted the second outing of Cosmico (photo: Xenia Zarafu/KurzFilm Agentur) Saturday night fever: the Flotter Dreier competition screening at Hamburg multiplex Zeise (photo: Xenia Zarafu/KurzFilm Agentur) Hamish Graham and C.J. Lazaretti with Volker Heymann, winner of the 2014 Flotter Dreier competition (photo: Xenia Zarafu/KurzFilm Agentur)


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